Monday, March 8, 2010

hate summit

hate summit

the hall is filled
with holy men.
the dais, crammed
with deities
maestros of mayhem
are orchestrating
a phoney symphony
green and saffron
spotlights are on.

and then…
out of nowhere
they appear,
the gods of war!
the eyes of cameras,
they wink at each other

and then…
they embrace
and start to shower grace
upon the human race

amidst all this cacophony
devil descends from heaven.
he, who else,
is the master of ceremony.
after fluttering a white dove
and a black raven.
he takes over the show
“friends, moron, holy men
lend me your fears
for i have come
to bury peace
and not to praise it…”

the crowd goes crazy,
they cheer in full frenzy.
devil wags his tail
in response
and starts to announce

“this years prize
for peace
goes to…
the prize for the peace
goes to…..
it will be given

the devotees
had started

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