Monday, April 6, 2009

dawn 1

dawn 1

at forty past five,
day broke.
millions of porcelain pieces
spewed from heaven
crash landed on
the wretched earth.
nebulous clouds like
fetid molten porridge stew
lay splattered across the sky,
offerings for the oracles of mom.
and then…
the crows came.
a cacophony of caw-caw,
waving shreds of black flags
against the breaking dawn.
silhouettes of malice and mayhem
casting chaotic shadows in motion
upon dew-dripping green floor.


Ranjith said...

Baiju, you are GOOD. Keep it coming.

sreenadhan said...

a good one.
It reminded me what neruda wrote
' through the glass needles of rain,
countless angels came down to earth'